About Us

First, and most importantly, we are parents, moms and dads who year after year have the “joy” of doing fundraisers for our kid’s schools and sports teams. We are parents who buy our kids new clothes to wear to school only to find they have changed out of them into their "cool" sports team jersey.
We are lovers of all things sports, games and the great outdoors. After years of selling candy bars, pizza and coupon books door-to-door and pressuring family members into buying them, we knew there had to be a better way.
 Finally we are IT professionals, with over a decade of experience creating rules-based platforms designed for ease of use and flexibility. We decided to apply this same philosophy to fundraising, giving our children's schools similar tools to those that we have created for fortune 500 companies.
We set out to create a branding and fundraising platform that married our love for PLAY with an easy-to-use, highly configurable tool that would provide value to our children’s schools and teams. We wish to provide products that people want to purchase rather than feel pressured to buy and to design clothes / create a brand that is just as "awesome” as our children’s sports uniforms. We want to connect schools to their alumni and their surrounding community. 
We aimed to create something that would get today's youth off their screens and back to using their imaginations, to get them outside competing in sports or enjoying the great outdoors, to bring families together playing with their favorite toys and games.
We hit our mark!
We are proud to present to you CAMPUS BRANDED! We hope that you love it as much as we do. We believe that it delivers on everything we envisioned and more. It is our hope that it can make a difference in your home and for your school & community. We can't wait to see it spread across the country.